Outage Lasting Hours Makes Canada’s Major Banks Go Offline

Five major banks from Canada were impacted by an hours-long outage that got them offline. Online and mobile banking together with customer e-transfer services were blocked during this time. Canadian…

Microsoft warns of emerging 'ice phishing' threat on blockchain, DeFi networks

Microsoft has warned of new threats impacting blockchain technologies and web3 including “ice phishing” campaigns.  The blockchain, decentralized technologies, DeFi, smart contracts, exploration into the concept of a ‘metaverse‘ and…

UK Cyber Sector Generates Record Investment and Revenue

More than £1bn was raised in external investment across 84 deals in the most recent financial year

Over 620 Million Ransomware Attacks Detected in 2021

Attacks on government targets soar almost 1900%

Researchers Block “Largest Ever” Bot Attack

Web scraping raid generated 400 million requests

Trickbot abuses top brands including Bank of America, Wells Fargo in attacks against customers

Trickbot malware is a thorn in the side of cybersecurity professionals and is now targeting the customers of 60 major institutions in phishing attacks and through web injections.  Trickbot began…

Red Cross Attackers Exploited Zoho Bug Used by China

Breach bears many of the hallmarks of a state-sponsored attack

Businessman admits to working as spyware broker in US and Mexico

A businessman has pleaded guilty to charges laid against him for selling and using surveillance tools and malware in Mexico and the United States.  On February 15, the US Department…

Missouri will not prosecute 'hacker' reporter for daring to view state website HTML

The State of Missouri will not prosecute a journalist branded a “hacker” for viewing website source code and reporting a serious security leak.  In October 2021, St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter…

Trio of Home Affairs Bills covering cyber, ransomware, telco data enter Parliament

Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews. Image: Tracey Nearmy/Getty Images Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews introduced three new Bills into Parliament on Thursday, covering the federal government’s ransomware action plan, critical…