Kids luxury clothing store Melijoe exposed 200GB of customers’ data

A Paris, France-based popular online luxury clothing e-Commerce website for kids was caught exposing the personal and sensitive data of its customers worldwide, especially children. The company in discussion is…

Expeditors International Impacted by Cyberattack

Expeditors is a Fortune 500 logistics company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, United States of America. Expeditors provide efficient and tailored supply chain solutions to customers through a worldwide network of…

Xenomorph Malware Targets Android Devices to Steal Financial Info

More than 50,000 Android devices have been infected with a new banking trojan called Xenomorph, which was spread via Google Play Store in order to steal financial information. Users of…

How to secure your home and office network: The best DNS blockers and firewalls

How secure is your home or office network? I’ll assume you already have an antimalware/antivirus solution in place, such as Windows Security, which is built into Windows 10 and Windows 11…

91% of UK Organizations Compromised by an Email Phishing Attack in 2021

The study observed a significant rise in email-based attacks globally in 2021 compared to 2020

UK Defense Secretary Warns Russia of Offensive Cyber Capabilities

Britain ready to hit back if attacked, says Wallace

Almost 100,000 new mobile banking Trojan strains detected in 2021

Researchers have found almost 100,000 new variants of mobile banking Trojans in just a year. As our digital lives have begun to center more on handsets rather than just desktop…

Meyer Breach Impacts US Employees' Personal Information

Cookware distributor was hit by cyber-attack last October

OpenSea Phisher Stole $2m Worth of NFTs

Attack targeted customers of popular marketplace

OAIC wants legislation seeking to expand digital ID services to be more aligned with CDR

Image: Digital Transformation Agency The Digital Transformation Agency’s (DTA) Trusted Digital Identity Bill is in its final phase of development before it is introduced into Parliament. The Bill seeks to…