The Conflict in Ukraine Has Brought Attention to the Vulnerability of Critical Energy Infrastructure

The safety of Ukraine’s power industry has become a matter for serious discussion as the Russian troops push deeper into the East European country, attacking civilians and shelling Europe’s largest…

Zero-Click Flaws Discovered in UPS Devices

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS), sometimes known as an uninterruptible power source (UPS), is a piece of electrical equipment that supplies emergency power to a load when the input power…

Small Danish Businesses Can Apply for a 50.000 DKK Government Grant to Spend on Cyber Resilience

The Centre for Cyber Security (CFSC) belonging to the Danish Defence Intelligence Service (DDIS or Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste, FE in Danish) warns of the danger of potential upcoming cyber attacks that might…

UK Announces New Rules to Tackle Surging Online Scam Adverts

Social media sites and search engines will be forced to prevent fraudulent adverts appearing on their platforms

A guide to cyber insurance for 2022

The cyber insurance market is hardening and becoming more mature as years pass and the market shifts and accommodates to new trends and data points. This means companies who are…

How To Make A Messenger App

It isn’t easy to imagine a modern person without a messenger app. Correspondence in apps has made it possible to enter a new era of communication and improve business processes.…

Decrypted: Prometheus Ransomware

Avast –  Avast –  Avast Releases Decryptor for the Prometheus Ransomware. Prometheus is a ransomware strain written in C# that inherited a lot of code from an older strain called…

#DSbD: UK Could Face a “Cyber Disaster” on its Current Security Trajectory

DSbD initiative aims to put more responsibility in the hands of those who build it, creating a culture of secure by default

Car Dealership Employees Begin Legal Case Following Breach

Law firm says clients have been left in the dark for over six months

Chinese APT41 Group Compromises Six US Government Networks

Group exploited Log4Shell “within hours,” says Mandiant