Solution spotlight series: Authority to Operate on Amazon Web Services

-based services provide clear benefits to organisations through cost savings, greater flexibility, enhanced agility, and greater operational . Whilst the advantages are well understood, often the risks are overlooked.

As the world’s leading public cloud platform provider, has developed the Authority to Operate on AWS program (ATO on AWS). The aim of the program is to assist organisations to manage risk and secure their AWS cloud infrastructure. The ATO on AWS program is new to , but important for any organisation seeking to secure their cloud environment and comply with ever-expanding regulations.

Our Solution Spotlight explores:

* Authority to Operate on AWS program
* Organisational benefits of ATO on AWS
* Reasons why organisations should engage with an ATO on AWS partner

Featuring a case study from ICNL (Industry Capability Network Limited), with Warren Jansen, discussing his experience seeking / achieving an ATO on AWS.

Find out how CyberCX and AWS can help you on your journey to achieving secure transformation.

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