DDoS Operator Arrested by the Ukrainian Police

As my colleague Cezarina explained in a previous article, a botnet is a network of infected computers or other internet-connected devices, that communicate with each other in order to perform the same malicious actions. Such actions can range from launching spam campaigns to distributed denial-of-service attacks.

The network can be controlled remotely by online criminals to serve their interests and, at the same time, this allows the hackers to avoid detection or legal actions by law agencies.

What Happened?

The threat actor was apprehended at his Prykarpattia residence, where he was reportedly utilizing the botnet to launch DDoS assaults or support other criminal behavior for his clients.

Brute-forcing login passwords on websites, spamming activities, and penetration testing on remote devices to find and exploit vulnerabilities were all part of this activity.

According to a statement provided by SSU, the hacker wasn’t only utilizing his botnet’s sheer force to bring down websites. Instead, he conducted reconnaissance and penetration testing on the target websites in order to find and exploit weaknesses.

Ukrainian SSU states the fact that hackers found customers on private forums and Telegram channels.

Apparently, he was paid through the electronic platform ‘Webmoney’, a payment platform that is subject to sanctions

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