3 Tips for Facing the Harsh Truths of Cybersecurity in 2022, Part I

Sonya Duffin, ransomware and data-protection expert at Veritas Technologies, shares three steps organizations can take today to reduce cyberattack fallout.

Be forewarned—I’m about to lay down some harsh truths here.

First, ransomware is prevalent, and there is no way to completely eliminate the threat.

Second, at this point, you should operate under the assumption that hackers are already in your systems or could easily access them at any moment. It should come as no surprise when I tell you that the sophisticated cybercriminals behind today’s ransomware threats have been consistently getting past even the best frontline security — and for a while now.

Third, cybercriminals may know your systems and infrastructure better than you do. Once in, their strategy is to lay low and remain hidden while they learn as much as they can. Then they strike at the optimal time to inflict as much damage as possible to ensure a hefty payday.

So now what?

The good news is that there are practices and technologies that can help you detect threats before the bad actors can take action. There are also strategies that you can use to reduce your attack surface while

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