5 Cybersecurity Trends to Watch in 2022

Here’s what cybersecurity watchers want infosec pros to know heading into 2022.  

No one could have predicted the sheer chaos the cybersecurity industry would experience over the course of 2021. Record-annihilating numbers of ransomware attacks, SolarWinds’ supply-chain havoc and most recently, the discovery of Log4j by…Minecraft gamers. All of it would have sounded too wild for real life a short year ago.

Yet here we are.

Predictions about the year ahead seem audacious considering the last 12 months, so instead, Threatpost talked to industry experts and developed this list of the five top trends to watch in 2022.

There Will Be Growing Government Interest, Influence in Cybersecurity

SolarWinds, the Colonial Pipeline attack, spyware and privacy concerns have grabbed the attention of global governments, and experts widely agree the year ahead will be chock full of new regulations and investments.

In the months leading up to the 2020 elections, governments were focused on the spread of disinformation to influence election outcomes, but other urgent national security demands emerged in the wake of massive cyberattacks on critical infrastructure. These immediate cyberthreats will continue to dominate government focus throughout 2022, researchers predicted.

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