Cyberattackers Put the Pedal to the Medal: Podcast

Fortinet’s Derek Manky discusses the exponential increase in the speed that attackers weaponize fresh vulnerabilities, where botnets and offensive automation fit in, and the ramifications for security teams.

Cyber-defenders have a lot on their plates: Rapid vulnerability exploitation. Ransomware-apalooza. Botnet infestations on the order never seen in the past. How can IT security teams effectively deal with the escalating volume of threats, especially as those threats become more sophisticated and more dangerous?

In the latest in our Threatpost Podcast Series, host Becky Bracken picks the brain of Derek Manky to answer those questions. Manky, a Threatpost Infosec Insider and vice president of threat intelligence for Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs, lays out the cybersecurity trends impacting the rest of 2022 and why there is still cause for hope.

Along the way, Manky covers several disturbing data points, including what he calls a “near-vertical” rise in the rate of exploitation for new vulnerabilities. Looking at a 10-day benchmark for the Log4Shell vulnerability in December vs. last spring’s ProxyLogon bug, the firm found the rate of exploitation in the first 48 hours to be 50 times faster.

There has also been a 100-percent increase in the rate of ransomware attacks, according to

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