Fueled by Pandemic Realities, Grinchbots Aggressively Surge in Activity

E-commerce’s proverbial Who-ville is under siege, with a rise in bots bent on ruining gift cards and snapping up coveted gifts for outrageously priced resale.

The festive season is moving into full swing, and so is holiday shopping – including special product launches and sales. But just as we collectively look forward to leisurely browsing for deals from the couch, perhaps with a mug of hot cocoa, “grinchbots” have emerged to burn it all down.

According to Imperva Research Labs, advanced bot traffic sessions on retail sites in November spiked a shocking 73 percent over the previous month, and there’s no sign of the activity subsiding, even if Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone.

In general, the proportion of bot traffic on retail sites this year is 13 percent higher than in 2020, the firm found, and the majority (57 percent) of attacks recorded on e-commerce websites this year were carried out by bots. In comparison, bots were to blame for just 33 percent of the total attacks on websites in all other industries in 2021.

As background, grinchbots are automated bots that query online inventories and purchase desired goods, looking to take

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