Protect Your Executives’ Cybersecurity Amidst Global Cyberwar

In this time of unprecedented cyberwar, organizations must protect the personal digital lives of their executives in order to reduce the company’s risk of direct or collateral damage.

It’s been roughly two months since Russia first launched its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Since then, the world has borne witness to unspeakable tragedy. While damaged and destroyed property can and will be rebuilt; the death and despair incurred by Ukrainians will leave a lasting imprint across all of Europe for generations to come.

As horrific as the physical war has been, the much-anticipated cyberwar hasn’t materialized as quickly as some cybersecurity and national security experts thought it would. In early March, Former General Counsel of the National Security Agency and Central Security Service Glenn S. Gerstell told The Guardian, “we have not yet seen the completely destructive attacks on Ukraine infrastructure some anticipated.”

But there are new indications that Russia may soon try to intensify its cyberwar. Two weeks ago, Ukraine’s IT infrastructure came under significant assault from Russian hackers. This was the first major attack of real consequence since Russians targeted Ukrainian banks in mid-February.

And according to Foreign Affairs, “all available evidence indicates that Russia

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