The Top Cloud Threats that SMBs Need to Address

Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), like global enterprises, are relying more and more on cloud computing security services to support day-to-day business functions, software development, and even to provide the technology infrastructure companies need to operate.

As much as cloud service providers try to make their own environments as secure as possible, the cloud is still fraught with cyber security risks. And if SMBs are not aware of these threats and taking steps to mitigate the risk, they might end up becoming the latest victims of a data breach or other attack.

Here are some of the prominent cloud threats companies need to know about.

Data Breaches or Unauthorized Access to Data

More SMBs and placing a greater amount of data in the cloud, including data that can be considered highly sensitive such as information related to customer transactions. Unlike data stored on premises in corporate data centers, data in the cloud lives beyond the protection of the firewall and is vulnerable to whatever threats a cloud service provider might face.

Some consider this to be the single biggest risk of the cloud. Unauthorized access to data through insufficient access controls or misuse of employee credentials can leave vital business

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