When Scammers Get Scammed, They Take It to Cybercrime Court

Underground arbitration system settles disputes between cybercriminals.

Blocked from legitimate courts, cybercriminals have set up their own system for settling disputes, handing over ultimate decision-making to senior underground forum administrators who have awarded claims totaling as much as $20 million.

A new report from Analyst1 details activities inside these underground systems and found more than 600 requests for mediation on just one Russian-language forum alone, tackling disputes ranging from missing affiliate payments to contract violations.

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“Over the last decade, thousands of cases were examined and the proper verdicts given,” the analysts reported.

How the Cybercrime Court Works

To file a complaint with the cybercriminal court in one large underground forum, the user is required to open a thread, and then provide the username of the defendant and their contact information, according to Analyst1:

Source: Analyst1

“The plaintiff will submit qualified evidence, including any chat logs, screenshots, cryptocurrency transactions, and similar relevant information,” the report explained.

The defendant then can present

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