10 best security awareness training vendors in 2022

With growing recognition of the importance of security awareness training toward mitigating cyber threats and building strong security cultures, organizations are increasingly turning toward security awareness programs to help educate their employees.

However, with so many different security awareness and training vendors out in the market, it can be difficult to know which partner is not only the best fit for your organization’s needs, but has the experience and depth needed to support your learning goals. So how can you narrow down your options and find the best security awareness training partner?

Here are three key things to consider as you evaluate security awareness vendors:

Do they provide a comprehensive, one-stop-shop solution for your specific security awareness and training needs? For example, do they provide engaging training that resonates with employees, simulate and monitor phishing campaigns, and assess your security culture over time? Can they deliver automation and integration capabilities to streamline your security awareness training efforts and weave them into your existing learning and professional development initiatives? Are they focused on the “learner experience” with automated updates, easy-to-navigate dashboards, a breadth of content and visibility on each employee’s learning trajectory?

Read on to get the answers to

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