1,000 Threat Reports and Counting: Details of the CompTIA ISAO’s Cybersecurity Updates

Earlier this month, the CompTIA ISAO issued its 1,000th threat report, providing members with real-time intelligence and analysis that helps raise the cyber resilience of the whole IT industry. Considering October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the timing seems only appropriate.

The CompTIA ISAO issued its first threat report on August 19, 2020. Since then, we have seen a steady rise in the average daily number of threat reports that publish. We saw a peak this past July, with just under 11 threat reports per day. Given the cyberattack against Kaseya that took place over the July 4 holiday weekend, this makes sense. The next largest peak of activity took place in February 2021, which averaged just under nine threat reports per day. Most recently, September and October 2021 witnessed just over eight and six average threat reports per day, respectively.

All this confirms a known fact. Cyberattacks are increasing, but so is the sharing of critical cyber threat intelligence, the raw source data that informs our threat reports. This means that CompTIA ISAO members know more than ever about the evolving threat landscape and the threats that pose immediate risk to their businesses as well as those of their customers.

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