1Password review: Pretty close to perfect

Let me make this as simple as possible for you — everyone should be using a password manager. 

What is a password manager? It’s an app, or, more commonly these days, a combination of online service and app, that safely and securely stores your passwords, and also makes them available on all your devices.

For some people, this might be the one built into the browser or operating system, or a separate standalone app (and for some, it’s a physical notebook, which I don’t approve of, but think is far better than nothing).

For me, a good password manager is one that you can install on all your devices, so you get access to your passwords no matter what device you are using. This not only makes accessing your passwords easy, but also means that you’re less likely to break the two Prime Directives of passwords — using weak passwords or reusing passwords.

There are many password management apps and services out there but one of the biggest names in the field is 1Password.

What is it that sets 1Password apart from the rest?

LikeEasy to usePacked with great featuresEmergency Kit helps prevent account lockouts Don’t LikeNo free plan

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