3 Creative and Effective Ways to Engage B2B Leads

Most people have the wrong mindset when it comes to their marketing. To drive sustainable and scalable lead generation, you have to stop focusing only on lead generation. Instead, start thinking about demand generation.

Demand generation is about driving interest and action throughout the ENTIRE buyer and customer journey. Lead generation is just about getting someone to have a good first interaction with the sales team.

If you want long-term and repeatable results, the answer is demand gen—not just lead gen.

This is where I see a lot of businesses struggling. How do you nurture a prospect and keep the conversation going after the initial touch?

The challenge these days is that there is so much information coming at us from every direction, and frankly, it’s overwhelming. To be successful at demand generation, you must find ways to break through the noise and stand out. While this can sound daunting, it can also be fun and incredibly rewarding. It’s time to get creative.

Below are three different strategies I’ve had success with that you might enjoy giving a try:

1. Personalize Video Messages to Increase Stickiness

Video is still the No. 1 way that people prefer to

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