3 Steps to Strengthening Cyber Defences and Resilience

Australian Cybersecurity Magazine -

The focus on Critical Infrastructure globally is high and particularly in Australia due to the confluence of heightened awareness as to the cyber risk and threat actors allied with amendments to the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018 that is currently going through parliament.

Critical Infrastructure, defined by the Critical Infrastructure Centre as “..the systems and infrastructure the public rely on to deliver essential services that are crucial to our way of life” are heavily reliant on Operational Technology (OT) or Industrial Control Systems (ICS) that are often legacy systems that are decades old and were never designed to be connected to the corporate IT networks let alone the internet.  The disruptions to critical infrastructure in the last few months – including Colonial PipelineJBS, and others – further solidify that the risks to OT/ICS is real for everyone.  No industrial operation is immune and wherever you are on your

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