3rd-party flaws allowed teen hacker to track location of Tesla cars

The security researcher made a startling revelation that he could access more than 25 Tesla vehicles in around 13 countries by exploiting the flaw.

A Germany-based teenager proclaimed in a tweet that he had identified security vulnerabilities in third-party software used in Tesla cars that allow him to take control of key functions of the car, such as unlocking windows/doors, starting the car, and disabling their security system.

Details of the Flaw

According to David Colombo (19), who claims to be an IT security specialist, he identified flaws in third-party software, which a small number of Tesla car owners use. The flaws allow hackers to take control of some of the car’s functions remotely.

Apart from controlling the car’s security system, windows/doors, Colombo stated in his tweet posted on Tuesday that he can identify if there’s someone present on the driving seat, flash the car’s headlights, disable Sentry mode, and turn on the stereo system.

Colombo noted that it is “pretty dangerous” if a remote hacker can turn the volume up and down or open the door or windows when the car is driven on the highway.

“I could also query the exact location, see if a driver

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