5 Reasons Why MSPs Should Get Excited About Drones

The market for drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) is growing—including commercial opportunities for MSPs and solution providers to integrate the technology into their current offerings. Drones are a great topic to start a conversation with customers, many of whom may not even be aware how they can be used to solve their current business problems.

But many MSPs are in the same boat—they don’t realize how drones can be used in the field. Now’s the time to learn how UAV can make businesses more productive, efficient, and profitable, according to Adam Gittins, general manager of HTS Ag and a member of CompTIA’s Drone Advisory Council.

“Most of the time, customers are aware of one or two things they can do with the drone and are really excited about it, but after discussing with them, we usually uncover much more than they even knew was possible,” Gittins said. “I think this is much like any other technology sale. A customer might want a computer for email, but then they learn that it can also be used for spreadsheets, PowerPoint, surfing the internet, etc.”

The potential opportunity for MSPs entering the UAV market is significant. The UAV market is expected to

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