5 Ways to Ensure Your Child’s Online Safety

The internet is an integral tool for modern life. It allows people to connect, store enormous amounts of data, and conduct the business of daily life from the comfort of home. The internet provides a lot of good to the world — but for inexperienced users, it can also present danger. Below are some tips to protect your children from internet harm in this technology-dependent era.

1. Use Parental Controls

The most accessible method of ensuring your child’s safety is by using parental controls on the devices they use. Whether a device has these controls built-in depends on the manufacturer, but many offer some form of native restriction. If your child’s phone does not have enough controls, you can download a dedicated application to install them. This option is useful regardless because parental controls on generic devices often pale in comparison (due to not being child-focused).

Alternatively, you can purchase a safe phone for kids that is built from the ground up with protection in mind. These phones are often geared toward easier parental control and/or come without certain capabilities. You can, for example, equip your child with a phone that can’t access the internet. They won’t be

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