60GB of User Data Was Exposed by Australian Trading Company ACY Securities

ACY Securities is an Australian financial derivative trading organization that allows customers to trade Forex (FX) and CFD instruments across shares, indices, precious metals, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

According to Anurag Sen, a well-known cybersecurity researcher, the Australia-based trading company unintentionally revealed a large amount of personal and financial information belonging to unsuspecting users and organizations on the internet for public access.

What Happened?

The event occurred as a result of ACY Securities’ misconfigured database. Worst of all, the data leak held more than 60GB of data that was left in the open with no security authentication.

This means that everyone with a basic understanding of how to discover unprotected databases on search engines such as Shodan can obtain complete access to ACY’s data, which includes logs from February 2020 to the present, while being constantly updated with the most recent data set.

Full name, postal code, address, date of birth, email address, gender information, contact number, hashed password, banking, and financial information are among the data that has been exposed.

The incident impacted users and companies in various countries including:

India China Spain Brazil Russia Australia Romania Malaysia Indonesia United States United Kingdom United Arab Emirates The Exposed

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