6M Sky Routers Vulnerable to Cyberattacks for Near 18 Months

6M Sky routers have been left exposed to cyberattacks for almost 18 months, that meaning a year and a half while the company was trying to remediate a DNS rebinding flaw in the routers of the customers. Sky is a UK-based provider of broadband, Sky Broadband being a service employed by Sky UK.

Pen Test Partners, a pen testing company offering cybersecurity solutions, announced to Sky Broadband about this issue, as they also stated in the post they wrote about this topic. On the 11th of May 2020, they reported the found issue to Sky and then continuously reached to the company for updates which apparently were constantly postponed.

It seems that customers who hadn’t made changes to their router default admin passwords could have been impacted by this vulnerability and non-default credentials could have been targeted by cybercriminals in brute force attacks. The status of the vulnerability now indicates that it was remediated.

The DNS Rebinding Vulnerability: More Details

DNS rebinding is basically a method through which cybercriminals target private networks by changing the targeted browser into a proxy. According to the Pest Test Partners report, through these techniques threat actors manage to make the “same-origin policy” be bypassed.

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