81% of UK Healthcare Organizations Hit by Ransomware in Last Year

81% of UK Healthcare Organizations Hit by Ransomware in Last Year

More than four-fifths (81%) of UK healthcare organizations suffered a ransomware attack in the last year, according to a new study by Obrela Security Industries.

The survey of 100 cybersecurity managers in the health sector found that 38% of UK healthcare organizations have elected to pay a ransom demand to get their files back. However, 44% revealed they had refused to pay a demand but lost their healthcare data as a result.

The study also examined the broader consequences of cyber-attacks on healthcare organizations. Close to two-thirds (64%) of respondents admitted their organization has had to cancel in-person appointments because of a cyber-attack. Even more worryingly, 65% believe that a cyber-attack on their systems could lead to loss of life.

The study comes shortly after it was reported that the death of an infant in the US could be the first recorded fatality caused by ransomware.

George Patsis, CEO of Obrela, commented: “Healthcare organizations hold some of the world’s most sensitive data and our study shows many are completely unprepared for cyber-attacks. Threat actors target valuable confidential data, making healthcare a growing target, and ransomware is steadily picking up pace as today’s

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