A 4-Step Process to Achieve True Cybersecurity Success

Where are you in your security journey? As a cybersecurity practitioner for the past quarter century, this is a question asked of many in the managed services provider community. The answer to the question varies. Some believe they have reached cybersecurity nirvana—that they are experts taking a leadership role; others don’t know how to get started. Some have started and are stalled. Wherever you are in your own cyber journey—or wherever you think you are—you might need help getting to the next step.   If that’s the case, view and download the infographic below to help you continue on your way.

The four phases outlined in the infographic were adopted from a ConnectWise whitepaper and video. The goal was to help managed services providers better understand the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and how they could mature their organizations in cybersecurity. The NIST framework is a risk-based framework, not maturity-based. This distinction is very important since most MSPs understand maturity yet lack the understanding around risk.

1. Learn to Walk Before You Can Run

As you review the infographic the maturity model becomes very evident. Phase 1 is about getting started on your security journey. This is the most important phase and one

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