'A lot' of firms are developing offensive cyber techniques, hoping for investment

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Oct 18, 2021 | CYBERSCOOP

Aggressive cyber tools remain a topic of interest for “a lot of companies” pitching their technology to investors thanks to interest from government agencies and clients trying to test their defensive techniques, according to a former U.S. National Security Agency employee turned investor.

Ron Gula, co-founder of the cyber investment firm Gula Tech Adventures and co-founder of Tenable Network Security, said Monday during CyberWeek, a summit presented by Scoop News Group, that an array of firms seeking investment are developing offensive software tools designed for intelligence agencies, along with federal and local police. Security personnel for years have crafted defensive tools out of known hacking techniques, using everything from phishing tests to leaked CIA hacking tools to hack clients in a way that’s designed to probe their defenses rather than steal data.

Companies pitching this kind of software need to walk the fine line between intelligence gathering and law enforcement. There is a role for private companies specifically focused on this kind of activity, but “there’s a lot of ethical issues, a lot of oversight issues,” he said.

“It’s a really interesting time,” he added.

The sometimes opaque world of private

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