A security researcher told me my passwords and more: How 15 years of digital footprints left me exposed

The internet does not like to forget. 

Many of us know this, or at least it’s something that’s in the backs of our minds as we post updates to Facebook, share photos on Instagram, detail little insights into our daily lives on Twitter, and enter our personal data into a variety of other social media platforms and online services. 

But now I can see that it’s really true, for me at least.

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For years, I’ve been writing about cybersecurity, so I’m aware of the risks around personal information being shared online and how valuable our sensitive data can be to cyber criminals – as I wrote about when someone tried to use my stolen bank details over 4,500 miles away.

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It’s why I’m careful with what I sign-up to, what I post, and who can see it. I make sure that my passwords are complex enough so they can’t be guessed, plus whenever possible, I use multi-factor authentication to protect my accounts. 

These are all habits I’ve developed during the past

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