A stalker's wishlist: PhoneSpy malware destroys Android privacy

A new spying campaign involving PhoneSpy malware has infected thousands of victim devices to date. 

On Wednesday, Zimperium zLabs published a new report on PhoneSpy, spyware developed to infiltrate handsets operating on Google’s Android OS. 

To date, 23 malicious apps harboring the spyware have been found, but none of the samples were discovered in the official Google Play Store — suggesting that PhoneSpy is being distributed via third-party platforms. 

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The latest PhoneSpy campaign appears to be focused on South Korea, with the malware bundled into seemingly-benign mobile apps including messaging, yoga instruction, photo collection and browsing utilities, and TV/video streaming software. 

zLabs suspects that the initial infection vector is a common one: the use of phishing links posted to websites or social media channels. 

Once a victim installs and executes the app’s APK file, PhoneSpy is deployed. PhoneSpy targets Korean-speakers and will throw up a phishing page, pretending to be from a popular service — such as the Kakao Talk messaging app — in order to request permissions and to steal credentials. 

When you think of spyware right now, it may be that Pegasus comes to mind — a

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