Admin of DDoS-For-Hire Service “Downthem” Gets 2 Years Prison Sentence

Matthew Gatrel was arrested after an extensive crackdown by the FBI and other agencies against 15 booter service domains in 2018.

A 33-year-old St. Charles, Illinois resident, identified as Matthew Gatrel, is sentenced to two years in prison after being convicted last year for facilitating the DDoS-for-hire service. According to the US Department of Justice, Gatrel helped customers launch powerful DDoS attacks against thousands of websites and innocent users.

The accused was found guilty of violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) for operating two DDoS-for-hire services through downthemorg and ampnodecom. Through these websites, the accused facilitated people to launch over 200,000 attacks in exchange for money.

Site seized Case Details

Initially, Gatrel admitted to operating these “booter” services and even provided “incriminating evidence” to the authorities. However, he opted to take the case to trial and used public defenders to defend the case.

Before the trial started, his business partner and co-accused, Juan Severon Martinez had already pleaded guilty. Prosecutors alleged that the accused sold subscriptions through Downthem and AmpNode helped provide bulletproof server hosting service to customers, focusing more on spoofing servers pre-configured with DDoS attack scripts.

Dashboard of DownThem

Furthermore, the servers contained

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