Akamai CEO: Linode acquisition makes company 'world's most distributed cloud services provider'

Akamai CEO Tom Leighton touted the company’s expansion this week on the heels of a Q4 earnings report that saw the company bring in a revenue of $905 million for the quarter and $3.5 billion for the full fiscal year. 

Akamai announced on Tuesday that it is acquiring infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform provider Linode for about $900 million. Leighton said Linode is a very developer-friendly IaaS provider that makes it very easy to spin up a virtual machine or a container to build and run applications. 

“By combining that with Akamai, we’re the world’s leaders in content delivery and web security. We make your applications really fast and we protect them from all sorts of attacks. We have the world’s most distributed edge computing platform for applications that need to be scaled up instantly on a global basis to respond to demand and various geographies in a serverless way,” Leighton told ZDNet in an interview. 

“Putting them together is a very powerful combination because now developers and enterprises will be able to much more easily do the whole thing on Akamai. They can build the apps on Akamai, run them there, deliver them from Akamai and have them be secured as part of Akamai. Akamai

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