Amazon Athena Security: 6 essential tips

Amazon Athena is a popular cloud service that enables lightning-fast queries on huge volumes of data in Amazon S3. It is 100% serverless, working without setting up a server the user can see or manage, making it extremely convenient for data teams. 

Athena sidesteps the traditional data pipeline, enabling advanced analysis directly on the data, with no need for preprocessing and specialized analytics software. However, at the same time, it also sidesteps many of your organization’s existing security measures.

Athena enables analysts to gain direct access to sensitive data on S3 and derive useful insights, which may be similarly confidential. Your organization must have proper visibility into who performs Athena queries, why, and whether they are authorized to access the data. The use of Athena may have compliance implications as well.

Get more background on Athena security in this detailed blog post.

What is Amazon Athena?

Amazon Athena provides an interactive query service that lets you use standard SQL to perform data analysis directly in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). 

To use Athena:

Go to the AWS Management Console Point Athena at any relevant data stored in your S3 bucket.  Use SQL to run any ad-hoc queries. You’ll be

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