An expert discussion on XDR

Trend Micro -

As new security tools and acronyms crop up, one stands above the rest. Greg Young, vice president of cybersecurity at Trend Micro and former Gartner analyst, tags XDR as the most exciting security advancement in the last 20 years. Explore why the industry veteran believes XDR and cybersecurity platforms can finally deliver on the promise of “better together.”

Platform vs. point products

Time is of the essence in cybersecurity—you need comprehensive visibility across your entire ecosystem, and you need it quickly. Siloed point products across endpoints, especially e-mail (the most exploited attack vector), are more of a hinderance than helpful. Using a platform with connected capabilities that provide visibility across multiple security layers is ideal—but like anything worthwhile, you need to choose carefully.


Upgrading your security strategy and system does not have to be complex or time-consuming. Choosing a vendor with a platform solution that integrates into your overall ecosystem, other solutions from that vendor, and third-party products, can improve your security posture without big interruptions to downstream workflows.

1+1 should equal 3

When choosing a platform, make sure it goes beyond what you already have in place. Swapping out point products just to receive more false-positive alerts isn’t

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