Android security: We stopped billions of harmful app downloads, says Google

Google says it blocked 1.2 million apps from being published to the Google Play store because the company detected policy violations in its app review processes, preventing “preventing billions of harmful installations” on Android devices.  

Google’s Play Store reviews have often been seen as less strict than those in Apple’s App Store. However, Google is making bigger efforts to protect the privacy and security of people using the three billion active Android devices in use today and it has stopped 1.2 million policy violating apps from being distributed on the Play store through its app review process.  

Google says it also banned 190,000 bad accounts in 2021 as part of its efforts to hinder malicious and spammer developers. It also closed 500,00 inactive or abandoned developer accounts. 

“Last year we introduced multiple privacy focused features, enhanced our protections against bad apps and developers, and improved SDK data safety. In addition, Google Play Protect continues to scan billions of installed apps each day across billions of devices to keep people safe from malware and unwanted software,” Google’s Android and Privacy teams said in a blogpost

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