Announcing Wordfence Care and Wordfence Response

WordFence - 

Today I’m incredibly excited to announce that we are launching two new products: Wordfence Care and Wordfence Response. Let’s start with a fun animation that explains our new product suite!

In the post below, I’ll describe in detail the two incredible new products we are launching and why they are essential for business owners and production website operators.


With Wordfence Care we provide hands-on security support for your WordPress website. We install, configure, and optimize Wordfence for you. We also monitor your site for security problems. If we find any issues, we let you know, and with your permission, we sign in and will resolve the problem for you. This includes full incident response services at no extra charge, in case you experience a major security incident.

The Wordfence Care team provides support during our regular business hours, which are from 9am to 8pm Eastern US time excluding weekends and holidays. Wordfence Care is priced at $490 per year, which is incredibly good value for unlimited support requests and a team standing by during business hours.

Wordfence Care is designed for busy business owners who don’t have time to configure security on their sites and monitor

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