Anonymous Affiliate NB65 Breach State-Run Russian Broadcaster; Leak 786GB of Data

The data leaked by the Anonymous affiliate group contains 4,000 files and more than 900,000 emails from Russian state-run television and radio broadcaster VGTRK (aka All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company).

NB65 (Network Battalion 65) is a hacker group linked with the Anonymous hacktivist collective. The group claims to have breached the server of Russian state-run television and radio broadcaster called the “All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company” (VGTRK).

Anonymous’ Twitter account (@YourAnonTV) also tweeted about the hack on their handle this week, revealing that hackers have leaked around 800 GB of data online.

Anonymous-linked group ‘NB65’ ( @xxNB65 ) released via #DDoSecrets over 20 years and 900K emails from VGTRK, a Russian, state-owned broadcaster which operates 5 national TV stations, 2 international networks, 5 radio stations, and over 80 regional TV and radio networks.

@YourAnonTV Hackers Leak 786GB Worth of Data

VGTRK is Russia’s largest media corporation and manages dozens of national and regional television and radio stations and online channels in Russia and other languages. According to NB65, they hacked the All-Russia State TV a few days after Anonymous announced hacking of the Central Bank of Russia and leaked 22GB worth of data online.

What Data

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