Apple releases patches for NSO Group’s ForcedEntry zero-day

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Apple has released security updates today to patch ForcedEntry, a professional exploit developed by Israeli spyware maker NSO Group, and which has been abused to hack into the phones of multiple activists since February this year.

Patches are available today for macOSiOS, iPadOS, and watchOS.

Tracked as CVE-2021-30860, the ForcedEntry zero-day exploits a bug in CoreGraphics, an Apple component for drawing 2D graphics.

When weaponized, ForcedEntry allows NSO customers to send maliciously crafted PDF files to a victim’s Apple device and run malicious code that takes over their systems.

Citizen Lab, a political, human rights, and cybersecurity research center at the University of Toronto, was credited with discovering this zero-day.

In reports published in August and earlier today, Citizen Lab researchers said they found ForcedEntry deployed on the iPhones of activists in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

TargetDescriptionDate(s) of HackingMoosa Abd-Ali *Activist(Sometime before September 2020)Yusuf Al-JamriBlogger(Sometime before September 2019)Activist AMember of WaadSeptember 16, 2020Activist B *Member of Waad, Labor Law

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