Apple spits at Facebook, Google and, oh, the whole internet really

She’s shocked, I tell you. So shocked.

Screenshot by ZDNet

Does Apple really care about you?

Overall, though, the company has done an excellent job of positioning itself as the (only) tech behemoth that’s conscious of humanity’s true meaning.

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In recent years, Apple has made privacy one of the core tenets of its brand. While all the other tech companies are busily raiding every element of your life and selling it, Apple is merely selling you expensive hardware coupled with increasingly expensive and expansive software. 

So in its role as guardian of your galaxy, Cupertino released a new ad in which it tries to show what’s really happening to you every day.

A young woman is in an effortlessly retro record store. Suddenly, this record store transitions into an auction room.

Why this record store? Oh, why not, I suppose. The whole point is to tell you that wherever you are, your personal data is being

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