At Johnson County Government, success starts with engaging employees

Security awareness isn’t new to the Johnson County Government in the state of Kansas. And with over 4,000 employees and an obligation to protect the sensitive data of its 600,000 residents, they know it takes more than traditional, compliance-based training to stay secure.

Learn what made Johnson County an Infosec Inspire award finalist and how they continue to push the boundaries of security awareness training.

Turning cybersecurity into a celebration

Led by Donna Gomez, security risk and compliance analyst, Johnson County is always seeking better ways to prepare employees and protect the community’s sensitive data.

“We deliver training from the Need to Know series, run routine phishing simulations and supplement training with events throughout the year,” explained Gomez.

Each July, Gomez launches Phish Week, an internal event built to bring awareness to phishing, reinforce secure behaviors and have some fun in the process. “This year, we introduced the Choose Your Own Adventure® Security Awareness Game focused on social engineering,” explained Gomez. “We plan on launching the next game, Zombie Invasion, in October to tie in with Halloween and Cybersecurity Awareness Month.”

During Phish Week, Gomez also organized games of Security Feud — a take on the popular Family Feud game show

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