Attackers Are Selling Their Victims’ Internet Bandwidth

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Report Claims Criminals Are Installing Proxyware Service Prajeet Nair (@prajeetspeaks) • September 3, 2021     Criminals exploit internet-sharing “proxyware” platforms such as Honeygain. (Source

Security firm Cisco Talos reported this week that cybercriminals have found a new way to make money from their victims, by abusing internet-sharing “proxyware” platforms such as Honeygain and Nanowire to illegally share their victim’s internet connection.

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Cisco Talos researchers Edmund Brumaghin and Vitor Ventura report that malicious actors are silently installing proxyware services on a victim’s computer to hijack their bandwidth without alerting the victim.

The attackers also patch the client to stop any alerts that would warn the victim, and hide their presence by installing the legitimate platform client by using Trojanized installers, the researchers say, adding

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