Attacks Abound in Tricky Threat Terrain: 2021 Annual Cybersecurity Report

Trend Micro -

The digital transformations that had enabled many enterprises to stay afloat amid the Covid-19 health crisis also brought about major upheavals in cybersecurity, the impact of which was still widely felt in 2021. Trend Micro detected and blocked more than 94 billion threats over the course of last year, keeping pace with malicious actors who were intent on abusing any weak spots in the security postures of organizations around the world. In our annual cybersecurity report, “Navigating New Frontiers,” we look back at 2021 in terms of the most significant security issues and trends that shaped the year’s threat landscape.

Ransomware actors become more deliberate in targeting critical industries

From years of tracking ransomware activities, we have observed how ransomware operators have evolved from deploying quantity-based tactics to deliberately picking more profitable victims. Modern ransomware usually dedicates more time and effort to planning and reconnaissance, making for debilitating attacks that are tailored to the specific systems of targets.

Likely because of the important roles they had played amid the pandemic, organizations in the government, banking, and healthcare industries bore the brunt of ransomware attacks in 2021, although we observed a 21% year-on-year decrease in overall ransomware detections. But this decline

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