“ATT&CK with Sub-Techniques” is Now Just ATT&CK

Adam PenningtonJul 8, 2020 · 11 min read

(Note: Much of the content in this post was consolidated and updated from previous posts written by Blake Strom with new content from Adam Pennington, Jamie Williams, and Amy L. Robertson)

We’re thrilled to announce that ATT&CK with sub-techniques is now live! This change has been a long time coming. Almost a year ago, we gave a first look at sub-techniques, and laid out our reasons for moving to them. This past March, based on feedback from that preview, we released a beta of ATT&CK with sub-techniques and now (with some small updates and fixes) it has become the current version of ATT&CK. You can find the new version of ATT&CK on our website, via the ATT&CK Navigator, as STIX, and via our TAXII server. Our “MITRE ATT&CK: Design and Philosophy” paper was also updated in March to reflect sub-techniques.

Enterprise ATT&CK matrix with sub-techniques

You can review the final change log here, which includes the changes from our last release (October 2019/v6.3) as well as some small changes since our beta (March 2020/v7.0-beta) release. If you have already been using our March beta, please take special note of the “Errata” and “New Techniques” in the

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