Average ransomware payment for US victims more than $6 million: Mimecast

A new report from Mimecast has found that the US leads the way in the size of payouts following ransomware incidents. 

In the “State of Ransomware Readiness” study from Mimecast, researchers spoke with 742 cybersecurity professionals and found that 80% of them had been targeted with ransomware over the last two years. 

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Of that 80%, 39% paid a ransom, with US victims paying an average of $6,312,190. Victims in Canada paid an average of $5,347,508 while those in the UK paid nearly $850,000. Victims in South Africa, Australia, and Germany all paid less than $250,000 on average.

More than 40% of respondents did not pay any ransom, and another 13% were able to negotiate the initial ransom figure down. 

Of the 742 experts who spoke to Mimecast, more than half said the primary source of ransomware attacks came from phishing emails with ransomware attachments, and another 47% said they originated from “web security.” Phishing emails that

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