#BHEU: Leveraging Behavioral Psychology to Improve Teamwork in Cybersecurity

#BHEU: Leveraging Behavioral Psychology to Improve Teamwork in Cybersecurity

Organizations should utilize behavioral psychology techniques to improve how computer security incident response teams (CSIRTs) operate, according to Mark Orlando, CEO of Bionic, and Daniel Shore, chief research officer of LeTS: Leadership & Effective Teamwork Strategies, during a session at Black Hat Europe 2021.

Orlando began by outlining the most significant teamwork issues seen in CSIRTs. These are:

The superhero problem: an overreliance on a few key individuals for thought leadership The teamwork problem: too much focus on technical capabilities at the expense of working together internally and with other teams effectively The firefighting problem: constantly having to adapt and respond to crises, therefore losing time to think strategically The lone wolf problem: this is where personnel are motivated only to do their own work

At the heart of these problems is ‘ego-centrism,’ where attitudes of “I can do this on my own” are prevalent, according to Orlando. This is not the right approach in incident response, where “we are trying to solve some very difficult and complex problems.”

In addition, it is essential for CSIRTs to work with other parts of the organization, such as application teams and the business owner, to

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