Bitdefender Recognized as a Strong Performer in Endpoint Detection and Response

Every endpoint in an organization – from employee computers and mobile devices, to servers, cloud workloads and containers – is an entryway through which attackers can gain access and potentially steal valuable company data. With more employees today working in hybrid and remote situations, often using their personal devices to connect to company networks, security professionals have seen the number of endpoints in their environments grow exponentially. At the same time, exploits and attacks on endpoints are increasing. According to one study, 68% of organizations have experienced an endpoint attack that compromised data or their IT infrastructure, and 80% of successful attacks were new or unknown zero-day attacks.

The expanded threat landscape and increasing frequency of cybersecurity attacks are why it’s important for organizations of all sizes to have a comprehensive endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution. It is no longer a question of if an organization will be compromised, but when. For this reason, security professionals should not focus solely on preventing attacks – they must also ensure they have the detection, investigation and response capabilities to identify when their organization has been penetrated, understand how the attack is unfolding, and quickly take action to mitigate it. This is

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