Bitdefender Threat Debrief | May 2022

MDR Insights

The MDR intelligence cell recognizes the threat that comes with homograph domains used in phishing attacks. Our monitoring looks for homograph activity targeting the MDR customer base. Although most phishing attacks will use common international domain names, the potential still exists for attackers to create homograph domains to target our customers. Additionally, we have seen business competitors purchase domains and redirect them to the competitor pages, so homographs also generate some business risk. Over the last quarter, ~5% of our intelligence alerts focused on typosquatting were actionable to our customers, as a security or business risk.  

Businesses and users need to recognize the potential harm that could come with homograph domains, if not due to nation-state actors and criminal groups, then to the potential threat from shadow IT and competitor actions. 

Ransomware Report

Spear phishing attacks are often used as an initial attack vector and ransomware infection is often the final stage of the kill chain. For this report, we analyzed malware detections collected in April 2022 from our static anti-malware engines. Note: we only count total cases, not how monetarily significant the impact of

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