Boise State University offering cybersecurity help to Idaho communities through Cyberdome program

Boise State University and Stellar Cyber announced a new partnership on Wednesday that will see the company’s Open XDR Platform adopted by the university’s Institute for Pervasive Cybersecurity.

Boise State created its Cyberdome initiative as a way to promote cybersecurity skill development and create a collaborative hub for competency-based training that aims to reduce cyber risk in rural communities and help expand Idaho’s cyber workforce.

Stellar Cyber’s Open XDR Platform will be used as a teaching tool and as the center of the Cyberdome program. It will be available to any rural or remote community interested in using it. The university said Stellar Cyber’s “intuitive dashboard” and built-in multi-tenant facilities will make it easier for Boise State’s students and mentors to support dozens of different organizations through a single interface.

By partnering with Stellar Cyber, the university is hoping to increase the number of graduates while providing enterprise-level Security-as-a-Service to rural and remote communities across the state.

“The cybersecurity market has evolved rapidly since the beginning of the pandemic, especially when it comes to identifying and developing talented cybersecurity personnel, and providing them an environment where they can make an impact, be challenged and feel successful,” said Edward Vasko, CISSP and director at the

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