Breaking the Bias: Female Tech Leaders Share How They Overcame Adversity to Find Success

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is “Break the Bias,” a nod toward overcoming challenges associated with stereotypes and discrimination in the workplace. CompTIA has many resources to help female workers support each other and provide guidance to advance their careers and businesses, including the Advancing Women in Technology Interest Group and the Advancing Tech Talent and Diversity community.

We asked several CompTIA volunteer leaders to share their stories and offer encouragement while trying to bring about change. Here’s what they had to say:

Numbers Don’t Lie: Surpassing Sales Quotas Earned Promotions

“I worked in sales which can be a great equalizer. Since sales requires you to make a number based on a quota, if you do that, you could be different. In my case, I believe I was accepted into technical sales (which was made up predominately of white males) because I was able to excel based on pure numbers. There was no objectivity, just subjectivity. No bias when can deliver 200% of quota or more. I was blessed to come up through the ranks in technology sales, it would have been different for me in other disciplines I am sure of it.” – Tina Gravel, senior vice

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