Bronze President spies on Russian targets as Ukraine invasion continues

Bronze President has potentially shifted from Asia to focus on Russia as the invasion of Ukraine continues.

Also known as Mustang Panda, TA416, or RedDelta, the Chinese cyberespionage group has been active since at least 2018 and has traditionally focused on gathering intelligence from NGOs, research institutes, and internet service providers (ISPs).

Ukraine Crisis

Past countries and regions on the hit list include Europe, Mongolia, Russia, Vietnam, and South Africa.

According to Secureworks Counter Threat Unit (CTU), the group is either “sponsored or at the very least tolerated by the Chinese government” and “appears to be changing its targeting in response to the political situation in Europe and the war in Ukraine.”

Recent campaigns have primarily focused on Southeast Asia, with targets infiltrated for “political and economic” data theft and ongoing, long-term surveillance. However, CTU says that Bronze President has now pivoted to Russian speakers alongside European organizations.

“This suggests that the threat actors have received updated tasking that reflects the changing intelligence collection requirements of the People’s Republic of China (PRC),” the researchers say.

Government-sponsored — or, perhaps, tolerated — cyberattackers are tasked with activities that

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