Broward Breach Highlights Healthcare Supply-Chain Problems

More than 1.3 million patient records were stolen in the just-disclosed breach, which occurred back in October.

This week’s announcement by Florida’s Broward Health System that the most intimate medical data of 1,357,879 of its patients was breached in the fall should serve as a warning that the healthcare software supply chain will be a juicy target for cybercriminals as we head into 2022, researchers warn.

The attackers breached the Broward Health network by compromising a third-party provider on Oct. 15, according to the organization’s disclosure, accessing: patient names; dates of birth; addresses; phone numbers; financial or bank information; Social-Security numbers; insurance information and account numbers; medical information including history, treatment and diagnosis; driver’s license numbers; and email addresses.

In response, Broward Health said that it has improved security and is offering victims a free two-year subscription for identity theft monitoring, adding the company has found “no indication that your personal information has been used to commit fraud.” Of course, this kind of information can have a long tail when it comes to cybercrime activity.

Broward Health didn’t disclose the specific number of impacted patients in its statement but was obligated to provide

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