Business Email Security Contributes to Business Stability

Since the invention of email, the communication of many companies has relied on it. In time, business email security became vulnerable to a variety of issues that you need to be aware of and prevent. We’ll discuss them in detail below. 

Common Business Email Security Threats

The most important – and common – business email security threats are phishing, spoofing, business email compromise, spear-phishing, and whaling. Let’s take a very quick look at them:


Phishing is a malicious technique based on deception, used to steal sensitive information (bank account details, credit card numbers, usernames, passwords, etc.) from users. The attackers pretend to be a trustworthy entity (usually by copying the look and feel of a big brand) to trick the victims into revealing their confidential data.


Email spoofing is a method of collecting personal information and data from online users, as well as taking over their accounts, distributing malware, and stealing money. It seems that victims are more likely to open an email that appears to be genuine and from a reputable sender. In email spoofing attacks, malicious actors can make it appear as if an email was sent by a familiar person, such as a colleague, partner, or

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