Businesses don't talk about being victims of cyberattacks. That needs to change

Organisations need to have better plans in place to prevent cyberattacks – but they should be more transparent about when they do fall victim to hackers in order to prevent others from meeting the same fate, according to the former head of the US National Security Agency (NSA).

As director of the NSA and Commander of US Cyber Command from 2014 to 2018, Admiral Michael S Rogers oversaw cybersecurity during a period of time when the threat of cyberattacks from criminals and foreign government-backed hacking operations grew significantly.

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And while companies can act individually to improve their own cybersecurity, Rogers believes that – for the best possible benefit – companies need to share strategies, techniques and best practices for defending against common cyber threats, particularly when attackers seem to be able to deploy the same techniques again and again to go after different targets.

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“One thing that really frustrates me – and I used to say this when I was in government with the senior leadership of our nation – I wanted that the pain of one should lead to the benefit of many,” said Rogers, now an

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